Endress+Hauser and NIBRT Collaborate to Offer State-of-the-Art Biotech Training

Endress+Hauser and the Irish National Institute for bioprocessing research and training (NIBRT) have signed a collaboration contract. A tailor-made training facility for biotechnological processes has already been commissioned by Endress+Hauser at the NIBRT in Dublin.

Life sciences is the number one industry in Ireland, with over 170 companies employing more than 40,000 people and representing 42% of Irish exports. Since the late 1960s, Ireland has positioned itself as a recognised center of excellence for innovation and development in pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and chemical supply. Enhancing this development is the goal of NIBRT.

Founded by the Irish Government and the University College Dublin, the Trinity College Dublin, the Dublin City University and the Institute of Technology in Sligo, NIBRT is to become a global center of excellence for training and research in bioprocessing. The Dublin-based facility simulates a modern bioprocessing plant with state-of-the-art equipment.

Successful collaboration
Endress+Hauser has also contributed to the success of NIBRT; in November 2011 the ‘people for process automation’ installed a tailor-made training unit for employees from the life sciences industry.

"This collaboration will enable us to provide world leading training programs on measurement instrumentation for the life sciences industry," stated Professor Ian Marison, CEO of NIBRT. Michael Ziesemer, COO of the Endress+Hauser Group, added: "The foundation of NIBRT is an important milestone for the Irish biotechnological and life sciences sector – we are proud to partner with NIBRT. We look forward supporting NIBRT in the future in order to generate innovations in this important industry."

From April 2012, after two years of intense collaboration between Endress+Hauser and NIBRT, trainees will beneficiate from this collaboration with practical "hands on".

Experiencing (almost) real processes
The training unit simulates biotechnological production and cleaning processes. Trainees not only experience practically how to configure, calibrate and maintain field instrumentation, they also learn how to use different communication protocols, plant asset management tools, and the control platform produced by Rockwell Automation. They are trained under realistic conditions while being allowed to make mistakes and learn from them, without affecting real production.

"We are pleased that, with our support, NIBRT has been able to enhance its training program with a module for process instrumentation and control," said Christophe Roche, general manager of Endress+Hauser Ireland. "This collaboration continues the idea of our company founder Georg H Endress to establish partnerships with universities and educational institutes."

Bundled know-how
The training unit has been developed and built at Endress+Hauser in Reinach, in close collaboration with NIBRT and Rockwell Automation.

"We have had a strategic alliance with Endress+Hauser since 2007. Our combined strengths bring increased value to customers in process industries, by reducing the engineering associated with field device integration and simplifying asset management," said Mark Bottomley, country manager – Ireland at Rockwell Automation. "We are pleased to be associated with the NIBRT facility which we see as a major benefit in supporting and further promoting the life sciences industry in Ireland."

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