Effective Management of Life Sciences Process Plant Throughout Asset’s Life Cycle

[email protected] Portal and [email protected] Enterprise help advance the data flow and manage technical and operational information of the plant – completely, conveniently, anywhere and at any time. The available information simplifies the planning for engineering, the procurement process, the safe installation of equipment and documentation management, it is also an efficient basis for real-time monitoring of the plant status.

The new release of the web-based tools [email protected] Portal and [email protected] Enterprise 04.00 delivers a new look and feel for better navigation, providing simpler and more efficient sourcing and updating of information.

Readily available and up-to-date information allows:

  • Effective monitoring of your installed base
  • Reduced documentation complexity
  • Increased plant productivity and safety
  • Minimised plant downtime

Endress+Hauser’s [email protected] – life cycle management tools enable you to reduce your internal workload while simultaneously improving process quality by using:

  • Applicator for selection and sizing of suitable Endress+Hauser instruments
  • Installed base assistant for management of plant assets
  • Automatic documentation handling for Endress+Hauser equipment
  • Task Scheduler for scheduling maintenance tasks or managing the installed base
  • Logbook for traceability of calibration, repair and maintenance events
  • Product status for Endress+Hauser devices for easier migration strategies
  • Direct access to the online shop to procure instruments and spare parts

[email protected] Portal and [email protected] Enterprise differ in factors such as IT requirements, security level and internet availability at the plant. You may choose which IT architecture will provide the optimum solution for your needs.

Both [email protected] Portal and [email protected] Enterprise allow simple integration into existing computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS) and other Endress+Hauser software for plant asset management, such as FieldCare and CompuCal.

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