Stable Measurement for Stable Processes

Endress+Hauser has upgraded one of its most popular pH sensors and provided it with a new gel filling. This new gel improves Ceragel’s performance in terms of measurement stability and resistance and extends its life time.

Stable measurement and longer uptime

The new gel formula enhances the sensor’s stability. Flowing media or low conductivities don’t cause dithering values anymore which ensures a reliable data basis for process control. The sensor resists both extremely acid and alkaline process conditions. High CIP/SIP resistance and autoclavability make Ceragel a reasonable choice for all hygienic and sterile applications.

No animal-based materials

After the wide spread of animal diseases such as BSE, animal-based materials are seen skeptically in the process automation world. This is why e.g. the glycerin used in the inner junction is exclusively of plant origin. Also, all adhesives and fillers are free from animal material. The sensor is completely vegan.

Shift from old to new Ceragel

The new Ceragel replaces the current version of CPS71D which will be phased out end of 2013. From then on, only the new version with updated gel will be available.

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