Goodly Innovations Augmented Reality Guidance System for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packaging

Goodly Innovations manufactures augmented reality (AR) guidance software that increases productivity for manual processes in packaging lines.

Called OptiworX, the system is specially designed to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry in moving towards digitisation and Pharma 4.0. It supports processes such as machine format changes, line clearance and maintenance.

Packaging line management AR software for pharmaceutical products

Changing a machine format in packaging lines is a time-consuming task and prone to errors. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is common for employees to change and check lines several times a day according to standard operating practices (SOP).

For each step, they compare format-specific instructions, set values and change machine format parts. In doing so, they use a human-machine interface (HMI) or paper-based instructions that leave only one hand free.

OptiworX increases efficiency and precision in manual processes such as machine format changes of primary and secondary packaging lines. It connects to a wide range of wearable AR devices, including Microsoft’s smart glasses Hololens 1 and Hololens 2. The system presents specific instructions directly to individual users to assist in manual tasks.

Wearable AR technology for manual packaging line format changes

Adjusting a packaging line to accommodate new stock-keeping units (SKU) causes downtime due to mistakes made in the changeover. Goodly Innovations’ guidance technology avoids these manual errors while increasing productivity by 30%-50%.

OptiworX allows pharmaceutical SKUs to be delivered in many different packaging formats with varying quantities, inserts and package labels. The system can be adapted to meet the requirements of different countries where products will be sold.

In addition, the software manages small batch sizes, allowing efficient machine line format changes and line clearances.

Systems to reduce waste on packaging lines

OptiworX supports the implementation of lean manufacturing in packaging plants to optimise waste management.

The multi-user software increases manufacturing efficiency by automatically displaying individual instructions and information to each employee at the same time. It supports staff to consistently execute and document workflow, while reducing the manual error rate.

The duration of packaging format changes and other processes can be reduced by up to 50%.

Augmented reality systems for staff management in medical facilities

OptiworX logs every change in a team, allowing employees to join or drop out at any time. Tasks are automatically reassigned to ensure all work is completed.

Team members can be more reliably and precisely integrated into a process, allowing for simple shift changes. The training and integration of new employees are also accelerated and simplified.

The modular architecture of OptiworX allows easy data exchange with other systems such as manufacturing execution systems (MES) for audit trails or electronic batch record (EBR) creation.

About Goodly Innovations

Goodly Innovations’ OptiworX has been installed in a variety of lines. It offers:

  • Vendor independence – OptiworX can be installed on equipment from a wide range of manufacturers and machine generations
  • Flexibility – The system supports the blistering, bottling and manufacturing of ampoules and inhalers, as well as tube lines for primary and secondary packaging
  • A standalone OptiworX system minimises downtime during installation, ensuring fast return-on-investment (RoI)

Contact Goodly Innovations for more information or a live demonstration of OptiworX on one of your lines or a reference site in Europe.

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