The CRIOX system, a great success patent of ITALVACUUM, is a rotary vacuum dryer, which is able to totally extract water and other solvents from wet powders as a result of filtering or centrifuge.

The central body of the CRIOX System is made of a double-cone chamber with a variable speed rotation, characterized by soft lines without edges and sharp corners. During the system rotation, this structure helps the continuous revolution of the mass to be dried and allows a homogenous and delicate mixing.

Within the drying chamber, there are two lump-breaker units with variable speed. Through the rotation of the chamber, the lump-breaker group goes in and out from the product alternatively, cleaning itself when it emerges.

The lump-breaker groups break the possible wet pre-existing blocks in the mass. During the drying phase, they mill and powder the product. For bulk products, this means an end product that is ready for sacking. While for the other products, this means a checked final granulometry.

The mechanical action of the chamber and the lump-breaker units allows the product surface exposed to the evaporation to increase and therefore carries out the vacuum drying in a very short time, in a temperature that – on average – is much lower than in any other dryer.

This is an advantage for the purity of the most delicate thermo sensitive products, as it avoids their degradation and respects their chemical integrity. Not only that: also the moisture extraction is certainly higher, because the mass core is constantly penetrated by the powdering knives that increase the surface exposed to the evaporation.