Russell Finex Sieving, Separation, Filtration and Ultrasonic Systems

Russell Finex, a worldwide leader in fine mesh separation technology, has over 75 years' experience of designing and manufacturing sieves, separators, self-cleaning in-line filters and ultrasonic systems.

Russell Finex are experts in fine mesh separation technology, having been designing and manufacturing sieves, separators, self-cleaning in-line filters, and ultrasonic systems for 80 years.

With innovation at the core of the business, Russell Finex are continually developing its range of sieves and filters alongside its manufacturing procedures to satisfy demanding requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Check screeners

Also known as safety screeners or control sieves, check screeners ensure correct product quality of powders or liquids is achieved through removing oversize contamination. Products in this range include the Compact Sieve®, the Compact 3in1™ and Blow Thru Sieve™.

Grading separators

Grading / sizing of powders and granules achieves separation on different ranges of particle sizes. Grading machines separate up to five product fractions, increasing sieving accuracy and efficiency, and includes the Finex Separator™, Russell Eco Separator® and the Finex range.

High-containment sieving

The Compact Airlock Sieve™ and the Compact Airswept Sieve™ are designed to provide accurate removal of oversize contamination, with maximum product containment. This delivers improved product quality while safeguarding your operators’ health. The current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) design of these sieves is based on clean lines, making sanitation easier and enhancing performance.

Ultrasonic sieve deblinding systems

Ultrasonic sieve deblinding systems are used to eliminate mesh blinding and blockage, which is a common problem when sieving dry powders. The Vibrasonic® Deblinding System uses ultrasonic frequency, enabling finer meshes to be used and increasing screening capacity. It has revolutionised the screening of difficult powders on sieve meshes, allowing accurate separation down to 20µm. The ultrasonic system has been designed to be retrofitted on to any sieve / separator.

Self-cleaning in-line filters

Russell Finex’s range of self-cleaning in-line filters are ideal for removing oversize contamination from liquids and provide consistently high flow rates, with no operator control necessary. As they do not require filter bags or cartridges and significantly reduce wasted products, the company’s in-line filters are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. The filter range includes vertical, horizontal, in-line, on-line, high-temperature / jacketed filters and the Filter Management System™.

About Russell Finex

For more than 50 years, Russell Finex has been carrying out extensive market research and working in partnership with the world’s major pharmaceutical manufacturers, such as GSK, Pfizer, Wyeth, and Sanofi Aventis to ensure the company understands how to meet high standards of design, usability, and performance.

All Russell Finex’s pharmaceutical equipment is manufactured using the highest possible quality 316L grade stainless steel, ensuring metal impurities are reduced to a minimum. In addition, its specialist polishing techniques allow the company to offer the highest standard mirror polished finish to a documented Ra 0.1. This, combined with easily dismantled parts, ensures all equipment can be easily and thoroughly cleaned.

With companies in the UK, the US, and Belgium, as well as a strong network of experienced agents and distributors worldwide, the equipment is engineered for a global market supplied to over 140 countries.

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Press Release

Customised Pharmaceutical Powder Sifter Installed at PSL

Powder Systems Limited (PSL) holds a wealth of experience engineering containment processes, supplying high-quality customised process equipment to worldwide pharmaceutical, chemical, and laboratory industries.

White Papers

The Russell Finex Compact Airlock Sieve®

Cipla's new OEL compliant plant was built for the manufacture of a new highly potent drug and as with nearly all processes handling pharmaceutical powders, to ensure specification and quality were upheld a number of sieving operations were required.

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Powder Systems Limited (PSL) holds a wealth of experience engineering containment processes, supplying high-quality customised process equipment to worldwide pharmaceutical, chemical, and laboratory industries.

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GSK is improving process efficiency in the production of pharmaceutical powders at its Centre of Excellence plant in Dartford, Kent, by investing in nine new industrial pharmaceutical sieves fitted with the Vibrasonic deblinding system from Russell Finex.

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18 January 2016

Screen blocking or blinding is a common problem when sieving fine pharmaceutical powders on screens of 300 microns and below.

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7 December 2015

Russell Finex has been selected to represent the manufacturing industry in this year's Parliamentary Review.

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21 September 2015

Russell Finex has been innovating processing technology since 1934, and is celebrating 80 years of growth and excellence.

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Sieves or screeners are an essential part of every pharmaceutical production process, particularly as product quality and integrity are so important. The use of sieves safeguards against customer compensation or litigation, as it eliminates all oversized contamination. It therefore ensures that i

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Fine mesh separation and filtration specialist Russell Finex has introduced the new Compact Airlock Sieve, adding a new dimension to screening technology for the pharmaceutical industry. The unique design has evolved as a result of close consultation with many of the top pharmaceutical companies

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