Roquette - Optimising Excipient Properties for ODT Formulation - Pharmaceutical Technology
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Roquette – Optimising Excipient Properties for ODT Formulation

Orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs), also known as orodispersible tablets, are unique dosage forms formulated to improve their in vivo disintegration and dissolution rates. It is a big challenge to ODT producers to achieve a minimum disintegration time while keeping formulation simple and robust. The required advances in pharmaceutical manufacturing occurred when excipient suppliers developed multi-functional types for direct compression. Roquette's PEARLITOL®Flash, a combination of mannitol and starch, is a ready-to-use excipient for orodispersible tablets.

This article describes its application to formulation and how this delivers advantages like robustness and rapid disintegration time. PEARLITOL®Flash means problem-free ODT formulation.

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