Digital Solutions for Efficient Maintenance in Industry - Pharmaceutical Technology
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Digital Solutions for Efficient Maintenance in Industry

Efficient, holistic digitisation concepts make a decisive contribution to optimising the value creation process of companies. The pharmaceutical industry is also increasingly recognising the importance of adapted and effective maintenance to the value chain. Optimal maintenance ensures consistent product quality and minimal downtime at the lowest possible cost.

Expert systems and special digital tools make a valuable contribution to the smooth operation of process systems and to the support of the maintenance process. The digital twin of the system forms the database for such intelligent tools. This is a virtual image generated by integrated digital engineering.

The Smart Maintenance Navigator (SMN) is a clear example of this principle: Its service on mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones or wearables ensures the sustainable optimisation of the maintenance process. The maintenance-relevant data from the system planning are made usable and made available to the user in the context of his work tasks.

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