• Medical cargo theft: securing the supply chain

    With companies outsourcing clinical trials to emerging nations, medical cargo theft has become a major concern. Prior to Arena International's Clinical Trial Supply Europe, Elisabeth Fischer talks to Cathy Brown,...

  • Going with the flow: continuous manufacturing

    As manufacturing models embrace process analytical technology, big pharma has to reassess the way it produces drugs. Elisabeth Fischer profiles the opportunities and stumbling blocks of continuous manufacturing and finds...

  • Future oncology: The path to personalised medicine

    Could the genetic screening of tumour tissues push oncology into the era of personalised patient cancer treatment? Elisabeth Fischer talks to the researchers of the Stratified Cancer Programme in the...

  • Prefilled syringes: Getting to the point

    The many benefits of prefilled syringes are fuelling one of the medical device industry's fastest-growing markets. Chris Lo rolls up his sleeves to explore the finely-honed science behind ready-to-use syringes.


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