• Paediatric Trials and Tribulations

    In the lead up to the Arena Paediatric Drug Development and Clinical Trials conference many issues are set for debate. Chris Lo spoke to Karl-Heinz Huemer of the European Medicines...

  • A New Era for Drug Delivery

    Companies and academic institutions worldwide are investing significant resources in new drug delivery technologies. The sweeping realisation is that these could hold the key to major medical breakthroughs. Catherine Park...

  • Biodegradable Drug Delivery Innovations

    New research suggests that biodegradable drug delivery systems could relieve patients of the misery of daily injections. Chris Lo asks when will this and other technology intended to revolutionise the...

  • Countering Bioterrorism

    As the terrorist threat grows, global governments are working to counter a potentially devastating bioterrorist attack. Muriel Axford investigates the technology.

  • A World of Trials

    Arena International is preparing to host its annual Clinical Trial Supply East Coast conference in the US. In the run-up, we take a look at some of the major areas...

  • BBMRI: The Industry Perspective

    The Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure is paving the way for research cooperation in Europe. Chris Lo talks to Dr David Cox of Pfizer to find out how big...

  • Outsourcing Clinical Trials

    Outsourcing clinical trials offers the pharmaceutical industry a unique set of benefits and challenges. Chris Lo talks to Genzyme Corporation about this complex process.


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