• e-clinical Trials: An Integrated Future

    Perceptive Informatics provides IT software systems to top pharmaceutical companies around the world. Ahead of Arena International's e-clinical trials conference in May 2010, we talk to senior director for product...

  • Pfizer and the Business of Being Good

    Adam Burns talks to Pfizer regional president of worldwide pharmaceuticals Jorge Puente to see how the company turned its business ethos around for the better.

  • Changing Pharma IT with Biobank

    For years the pharmaceutical industry has placed the idea of shared data in the 'too hard' basket. But as a new European biobank project shows in the lead-up to our...

  • The Six Sigma Remedy

    Business management strategies such as Six Sigma and Lean now embrace a rich variety of industries. Alex Hawkes talks to Julian Mosquera of LCP Consulting to find out what benefits...

  • Eli Lilly’s Vigilant Approach

    Lessons of vigilance and responsiveness are as vital to major pharma companies as they are to any other business. In a special report first seen in Finance Director Europe, Eli...

  • Scandinavia Shows off E-Prescription Success

    Scandinavian countries are leading their European neighbours in implementing e-prescription techniques. Steve Rogerson looks at their results, with the hope that one day a universal system could be put in...


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