• Creating the Cancer Cure

    Cancer therapies are big business in the pharmaceutical trade. With industry experts meeting in May at VIB pharma's Next Generation Targeted Cancer Therapies event, Natalie Coomber looks at the treatments...

  • Swine Flu is Sweet Pill for Roche and GSK

    Shares in GSK and Roche continue to rocket as their drugs Tamiflu and Relenza are used in the fight against swine flu. Natalie Coomber looks at whether governments are choosing...

  • Swine Flu – Know the Facts

    The world is in a state of concern that the latest strain of swine flu could soon turn into a global pandemic. We examine the history of the virus, the...

  • Is Barack the Cure-All for Pharmaceutical Health?

    Healthcare reform was a key component of Obama's winning campaign, with affordable healthcare coverage its cornerstone. So where exactly do the controversial plans stand with the pharmaceutical sector? Nicola Boyes...

  • From Tree to Treatment

    Pharmaceutical companies are seeking to uncover the next generation of blockbuster products. Nicola Boyes discovers how they are turning to nature for answers.

  • Contracting Out Clinical Trials

    Pharmaceutical companies are facing the prospect of sickly returns, increasing development costs and patent expiries. This has prompted them to turn to resources outside their own research and development capabilities,...


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