• Keeping Cool on the Drug Run

    Natalie Coomber takes a look at a new approach to pharmaceutical packaging hitting the market. Arena International's co-located Cold Chain Storage & Distribution and Clinical Trial Supply conferences in London...

  • Partnerships and Pandemics: Preparing for 2010

    Mega mergers and a major influenza virus have rocked the pharmaceutical industry throughout 2009. 2010 is set to be dramatically different from the year just gone, as Natalie Coomber reports.

  • Navigating India’s Regulatory Network

    The reasons for setting up a base in or outsourcing to India are plentiful. However, as Natalie Coomber finds out ahead of a number of Arena International events, its pharmaceutical...

  • Keeping Track of Adverse Reactions

    Denmark is pushing drug monitoring beyond release to market. Natalie Coomber discovers more, ahead of Arena International's Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management conference in December.

  • The Advantage of Adaptation

    Natalie Coomber looks into the complexities surrounding adaptive clinical trial design and the benefits it can bring. A number of Arena International events focusing on clinical trials later in 2009...

  • An Historic Day for HIV/AIDS Vaccines?

    The dust is just beginning to settle around the news of the most successful HIV/AIDS vaccine trial to date. Natalie Coomber looks into whether the findings will lead to a...

  • A Brave New Electronic World

    Electronic data management could offer great advantages if the traditional pharmaceutical sector embraced it fully. Ahead of Arena International's Evolution of Clinical Data Management conference in Germany in November 2009,...

  • Simulating the Supply Chain

    Spreadsheets, business intelligence and analytics programmes are old news in manufacturing. Companies wanting to see more ROI are turning to supply chain simulation. Darren Baguley finds out how.


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