• From Tree to Treatment

    Pharmaceutical companies are seeking to uncover the next generation of blockbuster products. Nicola Boyes discovers how they are turning to nature for answers.

  • Contracting Out Clinical Trials

    Pharmaceutical companies are facing the prospect of sickly returns, increasing development costs and patent expiries. This has prompted them to turn to resources outside their own research and development capabilities,...

  • A Pharmaceutical Hazard

    The pharmaceutical industry is making headways in responsible disposal of hazardous waste. Are its efforts so far enough to keep the industry and its products safe? Michael Beachey reports.

  • Diabetic Drug Delivery Opens Up

    The global demand for innovative and better diabetes control continues to grow, as the number of sufferers increases. Nicola Boyes analyses the newest forms of drug delivery.

  • Pharming out a New Marketing Message

    Marketing is becoming a bitter pill for pharma companies' advertising departments to swallow. Nicola Boyes takes a look at how some of the industry's biggest players are changing the way...

  • Gaining Microwave Speed

    It takes 24 years from when a compound's potential is discovered until the publication of its clinical effectiveness. Michael Beachey looks at how dedicated microwave instruments may help shorten the...

  • Japan’s M&A Boom

    Japan's acquisitions market has seen surprising growth in recent times, as generic drugs increase in popularity. Frances Penwill-Cook takes a closer look at what Japanese pharma companies are buying and...

  • The Future for Biotesting

    The pharmaceutical industry's annual CPhI exhibition is approaching, showcasing the latest innovation and development. Natalie Coomber speaks to Dr Ivana Surovà, executive manager of business development at Biotest about the...

  • The Biotech Effect

    Catherine Lafferty looks at the rising influence of biotech on the renewed focus of pharmaceutical manufacturing.


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