Digital Transformation

Drawing on its experience in the management of major pharmaceutical projects, ZETA offers new digitalisation strategies, which reduce complexity by effectively using digital process data.

Based on its established engineering toolchain, ZETA offers SMART ENGINEERING SERVICES (SES) to integrate all project delivery partners into one common software framework.

Different domains from mechanical engineering to electrical engineering and automation are addressed and all phases of the project are covered, from concept to detailed engineering to fabrication and qualification.

These smart engineering services, in particular, the advanced software tool environment and the applications based on the digital twin, are used to generate the highest possible value to customers.

ZETA and Siemens entered a strategic partnership to drive the digital transformation of pharmaceutical processes globally. ZETA assumes the role of system integrator while Siemens acts as the global software platform supplier.

Smart Maintenance Navigator

ZETA’s digitalisation strategy does not stop at the commissioning of a successful plant project; it also ensures smooth operation using intelligent tools developed based on digital plant data.

The Smart Maintenance Navigator (SMN) is a descriptive example of this principle: Its service guarantees lasting optimisation of the maintenance process on mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones or wearables.

As a virtual assistant, it creates a link between relevant information for maintenance intervals and plant data and guides maintenance engineers through the plant, supporting them in their daily work.

The navigator is the digital twin of the production site, providing 2D or 3D models of the plant, presenting the equipment and describing the work steps to be performed. Essential data on spare parts, and the tools needed for assembly work, is shown on the mobile device based on the digitally stored manuals.

Flexible design is one of the main benefits of the Smart Maintenance Navigator: The application is user-friendly and operators will not need a complex IT project to use the service. The time needed to train personnel on a new and complex plant is far shorter and all maintenance work is carried out much faster. The Smart Maintenance Navigator supports the first-time-right approach and helps to minimise risks during high-maintenance plant operation.

Advantages of ZETA’s Smart Maintenance Navigator

  • Your personal assistant is always at your side
  • Check your plant status at a glance
  • Maintenance jobs require less time
  • First time right – also for new equipment / technology
  • Less time needed to train new staff
  • Digital documentation of performed tasks

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