Mini Utility Lifts – Variable End Effector

Mini Utility Lifts – Variable End Effector

For smaller scale, lightweight applications, we suggest our mini utility lift series. These lifts are lightweight and portable, for handling loads ranging from 100kg to 180kg depending on the end effector needed.

End effectors range from lightweight platform trays, single boom arms, utility forks, and grippers. Compatible with inversion drives, these mini lifts can be customized to not just lift, but also invert the containers or load as required. Their smaller footprint allows them to be used in tight spaces in order to position them as required without obstructing neighbouring equipment such as high shear mixers or process screening equipment.

Constructed from 304 stainless steel these units are durable, and safe to use in all operating areas including the most stringent such as cleanroom environments. All Mini Utility Lifts are available in portable or floor mounted version. Both electric and pneumatic models are available. The electric models are powered by two, on-board, 12V DC batteries that require 2.5 hours to charge and net 2 hours of continuous, non-stop operating time. The pneumatic models are tethered using a 3/8” NPT coupling air service connection that provides the unit with 45 SCFM air at 90 PSI.

These units are ideal for moving cartons, drums, various small tools and equipment. With the addition of custom forks, these units can also be designed to handle rolls, coils, or paper bags. To identify which model is best for your operations, it is best to explain your application and process to our Sales Engineers so that they can pin-point and recommend the best options.

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