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Pharmaceutical Technical and Scientific Consultancy services

PharmaConsult Global’s consulting services will ensure that its customers stay at the leading edge of issues affecting the pharmaceutical industry.

You can put that knowledge to good use by taking the company’s advice on a broad range of regulatory and technical matters, including:

  • High-value engineer-manufactured products to specific international markets by the implementation of cost-effective, compliant quality management systems
  • Advice on facility design, validation and operation
  • Review of validation plans and completed studies
  • Regulatory compliance for computers and automated control systems

PharmaConsult can audit any type of activity against all the major international regulatory and good practice (GXP) standards, including the EU, the US, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Because of PharmaConsult’s experience, the company is able to provide simple and pragmatic advice that will benefit you, your patients and your business.

Business  development and healthcare economics

Business development in the pharmaceutical industry has to meet the changing market requirements resulting from the increasing burden of chronic diseases and social needs.

PharmaConsult will provide you with the solutions to meet changing market requirements.

Project management

PharmaConsult provides project management services to help plan and manage change in an organisation; assist with a project, a major building development or an upgrade to a manufacturing site; implement new processes; prepare product dossiers in electronic common technical document (eCTD) format; and organise regional conferences.

In all cases, the company ensures that the projected be completed as cost-effectively as possible within a specific time.

Security and supply chain management

As the impact of counterfeit drug sales become increasingly costly to both pharmaceutical manufacturers and patients, companies are attempting to address the challenges of serialisation and traceability to reduce the burden on health services worldwide.

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