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PharmaConsult Global is an international training provider of high-quality courses based on the latest published technical and regulatory requirements.

The company’s approach is to identify the necessary skills, competencies and qualifications needed to perform given roles, as well as to provide an understanding of business requirements and provide the necessary guidance for functional behaviour to implement an effective quality management system (QMS) to ensure patient safety.

The company provides cusomised training to meet your needs.

Workshop training services

Pharma Consult’s approach to providing training is by outlining the necessary skills, competencies and qualifications needed to perform a given role, and developing these in a language that is appropriate to the individual, so that employers will be able to access advancement in their chosen career pathways, encouraging a lifelong approach to learning and career development.

All of PharmaConsult’s continuing education courses have been independently accredited by the CPD Accreditation Service to ensure that they are of the highest quality, are consistent with international standards, and are designed to support continuous professional development programmes.

The company achieves this by ensuring:

  • Presentation of lectures and tutorials that are clear and focused
  • Supporting what we say with illustrations taken from case studies in industry
  • Using clear visual aids which enhance the message
  • Allowing ample time for discussion with delegates during presentations and after
  • Promoting understanding and involvement of all attendees via the use of interactive sessions and use of electronic response cards and using techniques such as teamwork tasks and group workshops

Many of PharmaConsult’s training courses are used to prepare delegates for the examinations for professional qualifications and are recognised as part of your continued professional development.

The company’s commitment to the client and the delegates does not end when the course finishes. The firm encourages companies and individuals to get in contact if they feel it can assist with explaining issues further, problem solving, guidance on where to find relevant documents and further reading.

On-site training, workshops and seminars

PharmaConsult provides public and company workshops and seminars that are prepared on a wide range of specialist subjects relevant to the region and topic presented.

On-site training courses can vary in duration from half a day up to five days, while public seminars are usually 2-4 days in duration. These sessions are always conducted in small groups to allow for detailed discussion on the topic in question.

PharmaConsult strongly believes that training is most effective when it is directly relevant to the activities performed by the attendees. With that in mind, the company likes to work closely with you to design courses that your staff can immediately relate to and that answer their specific questions.

Professional development courses

The achieving continuing professional development (CPD) and continuing education unit (CEU) is not just about learning, it is about becoming a better professional.

Authorities and professional associations require that all persons engage with continuous education and continuous professional development programmes to ensure their fitness to practice.

Professional training is provided over a 6-12month period consisting of a combination of 2-4 day workshops held at regional centres, online eLearning courses, and tutorial webinars for assessing assignments. A certificate or diploma will be awarded as a qualification on successful completion and a record of all CPD training undertaken for use when re-licencing to practice with a professional association or regulatory authority.

All courses provide an interactive practical overview, and consist of presentations, case studies, group exercises and discussions.

The course papers include:

  • Detailed notes and copies of all presentations
  • A workbook to provide candidates with the information necessary to complete the exercises included in the courses
  • A reading list for if the attendee wishes to continue with further studies
  • A short assessment of the attendees understanding of the course.
  • A CPE/CPD Accredited Professional certificate is awarded on completion, which is added to your personalised electronic training record of CPE/CPD courses completed for submission to regulatory authorities or professional associations for the recognition of eligibility of persons carrying out positions requiring registration.

eLearning courses and webinars

PharmaConsult Global is an international training provider of high-quality courses that uses the latest techniques of eLearning, workshops and webinars to provide professional certified development courses.

eLearning provides the student to access course material whenever they have a spare moment during the busy work day.

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