A cartridge-based auto-injector built with SHL’s market-proven NIT® (Needle Isolation Technology), the VSDI® + NIT® is compatible with cartridge volumes from 1.5mL to 3mL.

The cartridge-based VSDI®+NIT® auto-injector is built with SHL’s market-proven Needle Isolation Technology. With just one step, the needle is automatically attached and loaded, ensuring that the injection process is simple, safe and intuitive. Compatible with 1.5mL to 3mL cartridges, this auto injector’s dosing variations can be customized to customer requirements.

  • Simple 3-step operation
  • Needle cover activation
  • Manual needle insertion
  • Continuous audible, visual & tactile feedback
  • Needle Isolation Technology (NIT®)
  • Customizable needle length and gauge
  • Simple preparation
  • Permanently hidden needle