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‘Biggest inflation scare in 40 years’ predicted post Covid

09 Apr 2021 (Last Updated April 9th, 2021 13:17)

9 April

Doctor Constantin Gurdgiev, an economist, retweeted an article on investors being less likely to ignore a possible permanent upward shift in prices with aluminium, copper, oil, lumber and housing prices surging, while the Fed continues to dismiss the rising prices as temporary,

According to experts, it is unclear whether inflationary pressures can be stabilised.

However, a booming, stimulus-fed US economy that has rebounded from the coronavirus pandemic, is certain to send some near-term inflationary shock waves through financial markets in the months ahead.

Economists state that the ‘biggest inflation scare in 40 years’ is coming, with base effects being abnormally low due to the pandemic.

However, this meant that inflation will be distinct even if prices return to pre-pandemic levels or move slightly above.

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