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GlobalData Epidemiologist Report: Covid deaths in India exceed 2 million

28 Apr 2021 (Last Updated April 28th, 2021 14:14)

28 April

Globally, the total confirmed cases of Covid-19 have reached over 148,815,000 with more than 3,137,000 deaths and over 98,770,000 recoveries.

The Covid-19 burden continues to be high, nowhere more so than India, where Covid attributed deaths now exceed the grim figure of 2 million.

Globally, the overall trend in the last seven days is a decrease in the new daily confirmed cases, from around 950,000 per day to around 700,000 on the 27 April.

Bahrain, Uruguay, and Lithuania are the countries with the highest rate of daily new confirmed cases with 972, 916, and 815 cases per million population, respectively.

A high rate of deaths per million population is observed in Europe, notably in Czechia, Georgia, and Estonia with 2,914, 1,359 and 1,148 deaths per million population, respectively.

Amidst safety concerns over Covid-19 vaccines, certain African countries are hesitant to deploy vaccine rollout.

According to the World Health Organization, Africa represents about 16% of the world’s population but has received less than 2% of the Covid-19 vaccine administered around the world.

With total confirmed cases in Africa on the rise, experts worry that the 54-nation continent will suffer in the long term.

Africa seeks to vaccinate up to 60% of its people by 2022

Kamal Duran, MPH, Associate Epidemiologist at GlobalData