GlobalData Epidemiologist Report: Covid Delta variant sweeping through SE Asia
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GlobalData Epidemiologist Report: Covid Delta variant sweeping through SE Asia

28 Jul 2021

28 July

Globally, the total confirmed cases of Covid-19 have reached over 195,411,000, with more than 4,178,000 deaths and over 140,927,000 recoveries reported.

The US, India, and Brazil remain the top three countries for total confirmed cases of Covid-19, with India and Brazil reporting the highest number of daily cases out of all countries, at over 43,000 and 41,000 cases respectively.

In Brazil, which reported over 1,000 deaths today, over a quarter of cases from the past week were in the region of Rio Grande do Sul, despite only accounting for approximately 5% of the Brazilian population.

Just over 18% of Brazil’s population is fully vaccinated.

Iran has reported a record high in daily case numbers, at over 34,000, as the Delta variant sweeps the country, which has fully vaccinated less than 3% of the population and reported over 1,000 deaths per million population.

In South Korea, a fourth wave of outbreaks is spreading beyond Seoul, as the highest number of daily cases since the start of the pandemic has been reported, at just under 2,000.

The spread of cases outside metropolitan areas highlights how a more contagious variant and slow vaccination rollout threaten the progress made.

Authorities in South Korea are looking to control the outbreaks before deaths and hospitalization begin to increase.

In Malaysia, which has also reported a record high of over 16,000 cases, deaths are also surpassing previous records, with over 200 deaths reported on 27 July.

Despite this, authorities are not planning on extending the national state of emergency, which ends on 1 August.

Without restrictions cases are will continue spreading leading to more cases reported, followed by a surge in deaths and hospitalizations.

As of 27 July, the positive test rate in Malaysia is 6% indicating community transmission is high and more testing should be done to keep up with the level of transmission.

Globally, there are estimated to be almost 18,000,000 cases to date of the Delta variant, which has accounted for 11% of cases since the start of the pandemic.

Lucy Goodfellow, Intern at GlobalData Plc.