GlobalData Epidemiologist Report: Global Covid infections pass 223 million
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GlobalData Epidemiologist Report: Global Covid infections pass 223 million

10 Sep 2021

10 September

Globally, the total confirmed cases of Covid-19 have reached over 223,266,000 with more than 4,607,000 deaths reported.

Covid-19 daily confirmed cases in South America are in steady decline despite the concern raised by the Lambda and Mu variants of the coronavirus.

With over 20 million total confirmed Covid-19 cases, Brazil is third worldwide for total cases and second for total deaths, but daily confirmed cases and deaths have been trending downwards since late July.

Similar patterns are seen for other South American countries, including Argentina and Colombia, which are also among the top ten countries for total confirmed cases.

The possible reason for this decline could be the increasing number of vaccinated population as well as immunity acquired through infection.

Brazil and Argentina have both partially vaccinated 60% of their population whereas Uruguay and Chile have fully vaccinated more than 70% of their population.

Countries in South-East Asia are continuing to report a high number of Covid-19 cases.

Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam have experienced an alarming spike in new daily confirmed cases.

These countries did not have a major outbreak of Covid-19 before the arrival of the Delta variant.

The Delta variant is highly infectious and the mitigation measures which prevented the surge previously were inadequate.

Thailand and the Philippines have fully vaccinated less than 20% of their population whereas Malaysia has vaccinated 50% of its population.

Countries in South East Asia are struggling to access enough vaccines for their population.

Thus, the only realistic solution is to continue the mitigation measures such as mask mandates with regional lockdowns where necessary.

Bishal Bhandari, PhD, Senior Epidemiologist at GlobalData