Life-saving logistics in the COVID-19 era

22 May 2020 (Last Updated May 29th, 2020 09:19)

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Life-saving logistics in the COVID-19 era
Working with a biopharma logistics partner that is prepared makes all the difference.

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic. Countries have been in lockdown, border controls have been tightened and airlines have had their capacity to ship products reduced.

This global situation has had a large impact on the logistics platforms for all industries, particularly for biopharmaceutical companies. Many companies in this industry rely on a freight forwarder or a specialty logistics company to plan, organise and ship their products.

With the restrictions imposed on logistics companies from COVID-19, how can a biopharmaceutical company ensure it can effectively and safely transport its often life-saving shipments to their end destination?

It is imperative that logistic providers continue to offer expert advice. Lanes and packaging solutions that once proved successful just a few months ago, may not be available in today’s global logistics landscape.

Shipping biopharmaceutical products was already a complex task and with the current global situation only adding to that complexity. It is critical that logistics companies and drug manufacturers know what options they have available to them and how to navigate unforeseen issues that are now more likely to arise.

Globally, patients are counting on us to ensure continued product access and integrity. Despite the disruptions to the supply chain, mission-critical shipments are even more important than ever before.

In our webinar on-demand ‘Managing Risk of Temperature Excursion in Times of Supply Chain Disruption’ we cover the topics above and address some of the most pressing concerns we’ve heard from around the industry, such as:

  • How to choose the right thermal container for your important biopharma shipments
  • What aspects to consider during times of global disruption
  • Practical aspects of choosing the right container and keeping temperatures maintained despite potential disruptions

Our experts, Chris Engel and Kathy Goh, offer their specialist insight into how to assess the packing solutions currently in the market, and offer practical advice on what you will need to consider in the context of COVID-19.


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How to calculate the cost of excursions in your pharmaceutical supply chain

Logistics for specialist pharmaceutical and medical organisations  have always faced tough challenges, but in 2020, it became tougher than ever before. Having a dependable logistics partner whose supply chain is vetted and secure is the only way to ensure your cold chain stays a chain and that your deliveries are on time, every time. Global specialist logistics company World Courier has an independently verified delivery success rate of 99.9% and achieves this by several means.

To find out how much your shipping excursions – both successful and unsuccessful – are really costing your business, and how you can save time, effort, man hours and money, download the white paper below.

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