Adelyra to advance HSP90 inhibitor into clinical trials for Covid-19

Allie Nawrat 20 May 2020 (Last Updated May 20th, 2020 13:47)

Massachusetts-based Aledyra Therapeutics announced plans to advance its investigational HSP90 inhibitor ADX-1612 into clinical trials for Covid-19.

HSP90 is a chaperone protein widely implicated in viral disease, which has been viewed a potential promising Covid-19 target.

Aldeyra believes ADX-1612's mechanism of action could be complementary to other anti-viral drugs in development, and so, if successful in clinical trials, it could be used in combination with other drugs.

The company's CEO and president Todd C Brady commented: “The nanomolar potency of ADX-1612 against SARS-CoV-2 in an in vitro model announced today is consistent with a broad array of mechanistic target validation, in vitro viral inhibition, and preliminary clinical data that support investigation of ADX-1612 for the treatment of COVID-19."

Aledyra is hoping to submit an investigational new drug application for this drug in the third quarter this year.