Castor launches Covid-19 research platform to support vaccine development

Allie Nawrat 26 March 2020 (Last Updated March 26th, 2020 10:26)

Healthtech company Castor has launched a global monitoring and research platform focused on the ongoing Covid-19, which will support quicker initiation of clinical trials for vaccines and drugs against this novel coronavirus. Researchers and companies using this platform will have access to e-consent forms and a symptom tracker mobile app, which are integrated into Castor's electronic data capture system.

Castor CEO Derk Arts said: “High-quality data and real-time access are critical in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We are proud to support the global research effort by launching a mobile-enabled solution that allows decentralized patient participation and remote monitoring of study participants.

"This will help reduce hospital crowding, protect staff, and prioritize patients that need to be hospitalized.”

Novartis data operations global head of strategy and innovation and Castor advisory board member Craig Serra continued:“With increased disruption to clinical trials, it is essential for medical research to adopt methods for remote engagement and monitoring, outside of a clinical setting."

This builds upon its commitment in mid-February to provide all Covid-19 researchers free access to its existing research data platform. To date, 50 Covid-19 trials are underway using Castor's platform.