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Clinova studies rehydration product’s ability to speed up recovery from Covid-19

By Allie Nawrat 06 Apr 2020 (Last Updated April 6th, 2020 11:50)

UK-based consumer health company Clinova initiates a UK study into the effectiveness of its oral rehydration solution (ORS) in Covid-19 patients suffering with acute viral upper respiratory infection symptoms. These symptoms include coughing, fevers, and nasal congestion.

ORS is an over-the-counter drug composed of a combination of glucose and salt,  dissolved in water to rehydrate patients.

Clinova co-founder and research and development director Arsalan Karim said: “While this product cannot cure Covid-19 symptoms, we hope it will be shown to significantly decrease the significant amount of discomfort suffered by patients.

“While prevention of the virus through steps such as social distancing, handwashing, and continued worldwide research into a vaccine, it must not be forgotten that there is much to be done to reduce discomfort in sufferers.

“Hydration is one of the most important aspects of human health, especially when the body is faced with challenges such as extreme heat or illness. Good hydration goes a long way in supporting the body’s natural ability to defend and repair, which is going to be incredibly important for anyone suffering with Covid-19 symptoms.”