Coronavirus company news summary – Atomwise forms partnerships to develop broad-spectrum drug – NovaLead to start Phase III Covid-19 trial in India

Allie Nawrat 22 May 2020 (Last Updated May 22nd, 2020 09:17)

22 May 2020 

Atomwise has forged 15 partnerships to leverage its predictive models and artificial intelligence (AI) to find broad-spectrum treatment for Covid-19, as well as other coronaviruses. Each collaborative project is focused on developing drug candidates that demonstrate broad-spectrum capability.

Biopharmaceutical company IMV has various peptide epitopes in its DPX platform, which could be formulated into a potential vaccine candidate against Covid-19. Currently, the company is finalising a design for a Phase I clinical trial of a DPX-COVID-19 vaccine candidate.

Amarin has agreed to support clinical trial of Vascepa (icosapent ethyl) for Covid-19. Sponsored by the Canadian Medical and Surgical Knowledge Translation Research Group, the trial will primarily monitor the effect of the drug on high-sensitivity C-reactive protein levels from baseline to 14 days, compared to usual care.

NovaLead Pharma has secured the Drugs Controller General of India's approval to perform Phase III clinical trials for its repurposed drug, NLP21, for the treatment of moderate Covid-19, according to Press Trust of India. The trial will be conducted in between 100 and 150 hospitalised patients on oxygen support and is expected to be completed in three to four months.