Belgium-based ExeVir Bio has raised €23m in a Series A round led by Fund+. This funding will be used to support the development of ExeVir Bio’s treatment VHH72-Fc for Covid-19.

The company’s VHH72-Fc therapeutic is created using the company’s VHH technology, which leverages single domain antibodies from llamas to construct hybrid llama-human antibodies. The benefit of using antibodies from llamas is that they are smaller than humans so they can attach to more of the coronavirus.

ExeVir Bio CEO Torsten Mummenbrauer said:“We are happy to support the international fight against Covid-19 to support healthcare systems and make our new treatment accessible worldwide. 

“Thanks to this first round of capital, we can accelerate further in the development of our drug candidate: we will start clinical studies by the end of the year. 

“We trust that our antibodies from llamas are the key to saving the lives of patients who can become seriously ill from the corona virus. ”