PrecisionLife identifies 59 drugs to improve survival in Covid-19 patients who develop sepsis

Allie Nawrat 6 May 2020 (Last Updated May 6th, 2020 14:24)

UK-based AI precision medicine PrecisionLife has identified 59 drugs that could be repurposed to improve the survival rate of severe Covid-19 patients who develop life-threatening sepsis.

These drugs were found by mining the UK Biobank to find sepsis risk genes and establish how many present in severe Covid-19 patients; PrecisionLife found 70 sepsis genes, with 61% of them presenting in Covid-19 patients and 13 of those having known druggable targets.

The company's CEO Dr Steve Gardner explained: "Our high-resolution genomic analysis tools have allowed us to develop new insights into two serious and complex diseases for which new therapeutic options are urgently required.

"We hope that these will lead to better understanding of what drives sepsis in COVID-19 patients and result in new ways to treat seriously ill patients."