UK MHRA probes fake Covid-19 medical products

6 April 2020 (Last Updated April 6th, 2020 14:43)

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) of the UK has launched an investigation into 14 cases of fake or unlicensed online medical products claimed to treat or prevent Covid-19.

These products comprise self-testing kits, ‘miracle cures’, ‘antiviral misting sprays’ and unlicensed drugs, noted the UK government.

So far, the MHRA disabled nine domain names and social media accounts trading these type of Covid-19 products.

MHRA enforcement official Lynda Scammell said: “Don’t be fooled by online offers for medical products to help prevent or treat Covid-19.

“There is no medicine licensed specifically to treat or prevent Covid-19, therefore any claiming to do so are not authorised and have not undergone regulatory approvals required for sale on the UK market.

“We cannot guarantee the safety or quality of the product and this poses a risk to your health.”