San Francisco-based Vaxart has announced positive pre-clinical results for its oral Covid-19 vaccine candidates.

Oral vaccines are administered by tablet, rather than through injection; Vaxart deems this method to be more convenient and easier to distribute and administer on a large scale. Oral vaccination has been highly effective in ongoing polio eradication efforts.

Vaxart’s vaccine candidates were developed using the company’s proprietary VAAST vaccines platform, and the immune responses in all the vaccinated groups were statistically significant, compared to controls.

Vaxart chief executive Wouter Latour said: “These results are extremely encouraging, and we should be in a position to select a lead development candidate for cGMP manufacturing and clinical testing in the coming weeks.

“Our oral vaccines have been shown to protect against respiratory infection based on mucosal immunity, the first line of defence for such infections.

“This could be important for an effective vaccine that protects the global population from Covid-19.”