ViiV commits £3m to research and mitigate impact of Covid-19 on HIV patients

Allie Nawrat 27 April 2020 (Last Updated April 27th, 2020 15:40)

HIV-speciality company ViiV Healthcare has created a £3m global fund, known as the Global HIV and Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund, to research medical impact of Covid-19 on people living with HIV. It will also support necessary local initiatives and organisations that are struggling to support the HIV community in the pandemic.

The company has pledged £1.5m to research projects studying the impact on people living with HIV. While the remaining £1.5m will be dedicated to a Community Emergency Response Fund.

ViiV chief medical officer Harmony Garges commented: “Because Covid-19 is caused by a novel virus, we don’t have scientific data to answer some of the important questions that are being raised by people living with HIV and their physicians.

Does HIV put a person at greater risk of getting COVID-19? Are people living with HIV more at risk of severe infection? Is the pandemic preventing people with HIV from seeing their healthcare providers and getting the treatment and care they need?

"The HIV community at large has asked us for help to immediately start studying these issues and the Global HIV and Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund has been created to support their efforts.”