UK-based Stabilitech has been recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a vaccine developer.

Stabilitech board member Dr Drew noted: “The WHO is a pivotal player when it comes to vaccines, it sets all of the guidelines adopted by bio-pharmaceutical companies for vaccines development.

“Being added to the WHO’s list as a recognised vaccine developer is huge news for us and the UK biopharma sector, providing a level of global recognition that Stabilitech is an active player in finding a vaccine for COVID-19.”

This announcement comes a fortnight after the company announced its intentions to raise $6m in order to join the race to develop a vaccine against Covid-19; Stabilitech’s candidate is an oral vaccine OraPro-COVID-19.

“COVID-19 infects the mucous membranes, or linings, of the ear, nose throat and lungs. That is why we are targeting our vaccine to hit COVID-19 where it sits – in mucosal cells. Other vaccines are currently only targeting the systemic immune system, but we know from our research that COVID -19 is a mucosal virus, therefore all vaccine developers should also be looking for a vaccine that targets both mucosal and systemic immunity. This is what OraPro- COVID-19 delivers in a single capsule,” the company’s chairman Wayne Channon explained.