3 May

Comoros in East Africa is the most recent country to report a case of Covid-19 making Lesotho the only African country to report no cases.

To date 3,276,373 confirmed cases of Covid-19 have been reported across 189 countries. The number of total recovered cases has surpassed 1 million, and 38,487 newly recovered cases have been reported.

Global active cases have declined by 12,843 cases to 2,017,846 cases.

The US, UK and Italy are the top three countries with the most active cases reported (853,066 cases, 144,778 cases, and 101,551 cases, respectively).

Comoros, Mauritania, Suriname and Western Sahara are the countries that have reported the least number of active cases, only one in each nation.

In the last two weeks global total confirmed cases have increased from 2,120,824 on 4/16 to 3,276,373 as of 1 May.

Ana Fernandez-Menjivar, MSc, Senior Epidemiologist, GlobalData