5 March

Globally, the total confirmed cases of Covid-19 have reached over 115,578,000, with over 2,567,000 deaths and 76,188,000 recoveries.

The US, India, and Brazil lead the world for total confirmed Covid-19 cases.

Daily confirmed cases in India have ticked upwards slightly in the past several days, although daily numbers remain below 20,000.

Germany is tenth in total confirmed cases, but daily cases are trending upwards.

The US, Brazil, Mexico, and India continue to be the top four for total deaths.

Central and Eastern Europe are experiencing a resurgence in coronavirus infections, which the World Health Organization attributes to both new variants and the premature relaxing of restrictions.

For example, daily confirmed cases have been climbing in Poland for the last few weeks, starting to surpass 15,000 cases per day.

Similar trends are seen for countries like Romania and Hungary, although daily cases remain well below 10,000.

These increases come as several coronavirus variants, including the B.1.1.7 variant first identified in the UK, gain footholds in Europe.

Shaina Stacy, PhD, MPH, Senior Epidemiologist at GlobalData