13 July

Globally, the total confirmed cases of Covid-19 have reached over 187,247,000, with more than 4,038,000 deaths and over 135,930,000 recoveries reported.

Covid-19 cases are still rising worldwide; the US continues to be the most heavily affected country worldwide, followed by India and Brazil.

In both India and Brazil cases have been gradually decreasing while they have started rising again slightly in the US.

In South America, Latin America, and the Caribbean the share of global deaths is still rising.

In Europe, Russia recorded 25,142 new Covid-19 infections on Sunday, the highest number since 2 January.

This followed Covid-19 deaths hitting a record high for five consecutive days.

In Africa, South Africa recorded the highest daily number of new Covid-19 infections since the pandemic broke out.

Covid-19 infections in Europe have risen by 10% in a week after two months of decline, with worries that the Euro 2020 football tournament could act as a ‘super spreader’.

Hundreds of fans returning from London and St Petersburg have tested positive.

Public Health Scotland recorded 1,294 Covid-19 cases linked to people who had travelled to the Euro 2020 match against England on 18 June.

Marie-Jo Beaubrun, Intern in Epidemiology at GlobalData