23 March

Globally, the total confirmed cases of Covid-19 have reached over 123,778,000, with more than 2,725,000 deaths and 82,728,000 recoveries.

The US continues to lead the world in total confirmed Covid-19 cases and deaths, and saw a small spike in daily confirmed cases over the weekend.

Otherwise, daily confirmed cases in the country have remained generally below 100,000 during March.

Following the US in total confirmed cases are Brazil, India, Russia, and several of the EU countries.

France and Italy, are once again seeing upward trends in both daily confirmed cases and deaths, as France has overtaken the UK with 4,358,910 Covid infections to be the worst in Europe.

Random testing for the coronavirus has begun in Mumbai, India, in an effort to contain the recent surge in cases and avoid another lockdown.

Daily confirmed cases in India have climbed from nearly 15,000 at the beginning of March to over 46,000 in recent days and now number more than 11.6 million.

The surge is likely due to circulating coronavirus variants and commercial activity returning to pre-pandemic levels.

Shaina Stacy, PhD, MPH, Senior Epidemiologist at GlobalData