12 March

Globally, the total confirmed cases of Covid-19 have reached over 118,719,000, with more than 2,632,000 deaths and over 76,967,000 recoveries.

The US, India, and Brazil occupy the first, second and third positions, respectively for total confirmed Covid-19 cases, with Brazil closing the gap on second position with around 30,000 cases separating its total with that of India.

Average daily numbers of new cases continues to decrease within the US while trending upward in both India and Brazil.

Within the major countries of Europe, small daily increases in the numbers of new cases have been observed in Italy, Germany and Spain, while rates are trending downwards within France and the UK.

Despite early reports of a remarkably low Covid-19-related death rate within Russia during 2020, the country appears to have been hit particularly hard by the ongoing pandemic.

The official death toll is currently sits at 89,000  but the true toll is expected to be closer to 180,000.

The discrepancy was made apparent when the Rosstat statistics agency published the number of deaths from all causes within Russia between January and November 2020, reporting 229,700 more death than during the same time period in 2019, of which 81% were due to Covid-19.

Ellie Sutcliffe, BSc, Senior Analyst and Associate Epidemiologist at GlobalData