27 July

Globally, the total confirmed cases of Covid-19 have reached over 194,885,000, with more than 4,171,000 deaths and over 140,664,000 recoveries reported.

India leads all countries in new confirmed cases with over 29,000 cases reported today, followed by Brazil, which reported approximately 19,000 cases.

In Europe, Spain has reported an average of 25,743 daily cases in the past week, with a 73% increase in reported deaths from two weeks ago.

In Spain, the absolute number of new daily deaths is much lower than in January and February because of the vaccination drive.

Spain has fully vaccinated 54.4% of its population.

France has reported an average of 18,240 daily cases over the past seven days, with a 7% increase in reported deaths on two weeks ago.

Italy and Germany have also seen increases in reported cases numbers in the past two weeks, with average cases up 271% and 107% respectively.

The US has reported the highest number of cases and deaths through the pandemic of any country, at over 34,325,000 and 610,000, respectively.

The highly infective Delta variant has caused spikes in cases in states such as Louisiana, Arkansas, and Florida, which are currently reporting 63, 51, and 49 cases per 100,000 population, respectively.

The US has fully vaccinated almost 49.8% of the population, with over 97% of hospitalisations attributed to those not fully vaccinated.

Breakthrough infections in fully vaccinated individuals have also been reported; however, it is not clear how much breakthrough infections are contributing to the current increase in cases reported.

In Japan, Tokyo has reported an all-time high of 2,848 cases today, as the Delta variant spreads through the city.

At least 155 cases have been linked to the Olympic Games, which are on their fourth official day.

Lucy Goodfellow, Intern at GlobalData Plc.