21 July

Globally, the total confirmed cases of Covid-19 have reached over 191,549,000, with more than 4,121,000 deaths and over 138,536,000 recoveries reported.

India leads all countries in new confirmed cases with over 42,000 cases reported today, followed by Brazil which reported over 27,000 cases.

In Europe, France is reporting a seven-day average of approximately 9,500 cases, a 274% increase from the average two weeks ago.

However, deaths have decreased in the last two weeks.

Italy, Spain, and the UK are similarly reporting rises in case numbers, with increases in confirmed cases of 248%, 115%, and 79% in the past 14 days, respectively.

New daily cases in South Korea are at an all-time high, with 1,784 new cases reported today.

The country faces outbreaks of the Delta variant.

Thailand has likewise reported a record high in case numbers, with just over 13,000 new cases confirmed, surpassing their previous high of approximately 11,800 cases on Monday, 19 July.

In Australia, both New South Wales and Victoria have reported an increase in cases, despite lockdowns being in place in both states.

Currently, more than half of the total Australian population is in lockdown.

In Tokyo, the chief of the Olympic Games organizing committee has not ruled out cancelling the Olympics if case numbers rise sharply. At least 12 cases of Covid-19 have been connected to the Games since Sunday, 18 July.

Lucy Goodfellow, Intern Epidemiologist at GlobalData Plc.