15 September

Globally, the total confirmed cases of Covid-19 have reached over 29,300,000 with over 928,000 deaths and 19,862,000 recoveries.

Worldwide the Covid-19 cases and recoveries are trending upwards while deaths remain low.

The US has the largest number of confirmed cases globally, with California reporting the highest number of cases in the US.

The majority of African countries continue to report very low levels of confirmed cases. This is most likely due to minimal testing and inefficient documentation of results to a national database.

The UK has seen a steady rise in newly confirmed cases per day since July.

While this may be due to an increase in testing, travel has also increased in the same time frame and should be considered as a cause.

With winter fast approaching, cold induced pneumonia and the flu threaten to compound the Covid-19 threat, possibly burdening the NHS further.

Nneoma Okeke, MD, Epidemiologist at GlobalData