23 September

Globally, the total confirmed cases of Covid-19 have reached over 31,647,000 with over 971,000 deaths and 21,775,000 recoveries.

The US, India and Brazil remain top three worst-hit countries.

The US has confirmed more than 200,000 deaths due to Covid-19.

In Latin America, Colombia, Peru and Mexico remain the three countries with the most cases of coronavirus.

Mexico’s case fatality rate* has declined since it reported its all-time high at 12.40 cases per million population on 27 June.

However, Mexico’s case fatality rate at 10.52 cases per million population on 22 September was much higher than Colombia’s or Peru’s.

On the same date, Colombia’s case fatality rate was 3.17 cases per million population and Peru reported 4.08 cases per million population.

Argentina continues to see an upward trend in new daily cases as it remains the tenth worst hit country with over 652,000 cases and 13,900 deaths.

Ana Fernandez, MSc DLSHTM, Senior Epidemiologist at GlobalData

* Case fatality rate is the proportion of deaths from a certain disease compared to the total number of people diagnosed with the disease