29 January

Globally, the total confirmed cases of Covid-19 have reached over 101,575,000, with over 2,193,000 deaths and 66,387,000 recoveries.

The US, India, and Brazil continue to lead the world in confirmed cases and the UK has surpassed Russia for fourth in the world.

Mexico’s death count is has now overtaken India for the third highest crude Covid-19 mortality total.

The UK, followed by France, Spain, the Netherlands, and Brazil trail only the US in active cases worldwide.

The WHO has revised its clinical management guidelines, calling for increased access to follow up care among confirmed and suspected Covid-19 cases if they have persistent, new, or changing symptoms.

This recommendation comes as the WHO is prioritizing the further understanding of ‘Long Covid’ and will engage in several consultations in February to better define the condition and its subtypes in hopes of reaching a consensus among the medical community.

In addition, the Pan-American Health Association (PAHO) warns that the Covid-19 epidemic could worsen in Latin America in the coming weeks and is not likely to be under control until the end of the year.

Further heightening this issue is the slower flow of vaccines relative to the US or Europe and coronavirus fatigue in much of Latin America after a year of on and off lockdowns.

Walter Gabriel, MPH, Epidemiologist, at GlobalData