15 July

Globally, the total confirmed cases of Covid-19 have reached over 188,477,000, with more than 4,060,000 deaths and over 136,617,000 recoveries reported.

Covid-19 cases are still rising worldwide with the US still the most heavily affected country.

In Europe, the UK has reported the highest number of daily new cases since January.

Spain has also reported a high number of daily new cases after the easing of restrictions.

Indonesia has overtaken India as Asia’s new Covid-19 epicenter, reporting over 40,000 new daily cases in each of the last three days.

Experts fear the situation maybe even worse than the reported daily numbers as the testing positivity rate is very high.

The Flu season across Europe and North America is likely to be worse this winter as Covid-19 mitigation measures and lockdowns dramatically reduced the spread of seasonal viruses in the last winter.

A new report has indicated that as many as 60,000 deaths could occur in the UK alone if there are no mitigations in place.

There is also fear that this could coincide with an increase in Covid-19 infections.

Marie-Jo Beaubrun, Intern in Epidemiology at GlobalData