22 February

Adam Tooze, a historian and director of the European Institute, shared an article on huge disparities in coronavirus vaccine delivery in the US cities.

According to the influencer, vaccine delivery is facing supply constraints, but its allocation is demand driven. As a result, people should get a shot at the earliest possible opportunity.

Another aspect highlighted by the article was were racial inequalities, indicating that worst hit communities and areas were being vaccinated at a slower rate than the rest of the US population.

Analysis suggested that fewer vaccinations were being administered to neighbourhoods where people of colour lived.

Experts claim that racial disparities are one of the biggest factors in determining whether someone had received a vaccine shot or not.

This was found to be especially true in Chicago, where a map illustrating vaccine distribution revealed that it matched the historic racial segregation in the city, with white neighbourhoods having a far higher percentage of people who had been vaccinated.

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