Jean-Marie Pharmacal Company has initiated a recall of three stomach pain and gastric ulcer drugs in Hong Kong at the behest of the country’s department of health, after one was found to contain reduced amounts of its active ingredient.

The company’s Delna-U Tablet (HK-07441) was found to be defective, containing contained only 0.69mg of propantheline bromide per tablet when it should have contained 3mg.

The Elisa U Tablet (HK-07463) and Triganet Tablet (HK-28072) are being recalled as a precautionary measure.

According to Hong Kong’s department of health, deviations from the registered amount of active ingredients of pharmaceutical products could alter the effectiveness of treatment.

DH has asked healthcare professionals and retailers to stop supplying Delna-U, and has recommended people who are using the product to consult their healthcare professional.