The acute gout drug market will triple in size to $117m by 2019, while the chronic gout drug market will reach $1.83bn, according to a report by Decision Resources.

Both markets will be driven by a surge in new biologics from Savient Pharmaceuticals, Novartis and Regeneron, the report added.

Savient Pharmaceuticals’ Krystexxa became the newest approved drug for chronic gout in September 2010.

The next two highly anticipated additions to the market, Novartis’s Ilaris and Regeneron’s Arcalyst, are still in development.

Decision Resources analyst Matthew Scutcher said that Krystexxa will be used predominantly in patients with severe treatment-refractory chronic gout, while Ilaris and Arcalyst will likely be used adjunctively with uricase-lowering treatment for patients who experience severe and frequent acute attacks.