TransPharma Medical has reported positive results from a Phase Ib trial of its ViaDor-GLP1 agonist, which is being developed for the treatment of diabetes mellitus type II.

The single-dose, four-way cross-over study was designed to evaluate the pharmacokinetic profile, safety and tolerability of ViaDor-GLP1 agonist in diabetic patients by using TransPharma’s extended-release film patch.

The study involved 14 patients with type II diabetes, and compared the once-daily application of three patch formulations versus a twice-daily subcutaneous injection of exenatide (Byetta).

The results demonstrated that ViaDor-GLP1 agonist was safe and well-tolerated with a preferable extended pharmacokinetic profile compared to exenatide.

Transdermal applications of ViaDor-GLP1 agonist led to therapeutic blood levels for approximately 20 hours, compared to six hours post-injection of exenatide.

Post postprandial glucose levels were consistent with ViaDor-GLP1 extended pharmacokinetic profiles.

ViaDor-GLP1 application involves the use of TransPharma’s ViaDor drug-delivery system.