PharmFilm drug delivery technology developer MonoSol Rx has announced a partnership with biopharmaceutical company KemPharm to develop new, safer therapies for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), pain, and cardiovascular disease.

The drug development partnership will combine MonoSol Rx’s patent-protected pharmaceutical film technology with KemPharm’s unique ADHD compound KP106 for the first time to provide improved therapy for ADHD patients.

KP106 is composed of d-amphetamine and a ligand. A Phase I human clinical trial demonstrated KP106 to be a safe and effective treatment option for ADHD.

The study reported that patients receiving KP106 experienced decreased side effects and risk of abuse, and also proved to be more effective against ADHD.

MonoSol Rx which will have a financial stake in KP106 will manufacture and be eligible for development milestone payments.